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Dice User Guide

Here is a detailed description of the Dice user interface and the two methods for rolling.

Rolling Method 1 - Swipe

  • Slide your finger quickly across the screen
  • The dice will roll longer for faster swipes
  • Moving your finger slowly across the screen will rotate the dice but not roll them

Rolling Method 2 - Shake

  • Hold the device firmly in your hand
  • Shake the device lengthwise, up and down (along the y-axis) to start the shake
  • While shaking, you will hear a sound for each motion and the dice will move on the screen (iPod Touch requires headphones or external speaker)
  • The dice will roll when you stop shaking

Choosing the Number of Dice  (Version 1.1 and Higher)

  • Touch the "#" symbol in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Pick a number from the resulting dialog

Switching Between One & Two Modes (Version 1.0 Only)

  • Simply double tap the screen when the dice are at rest to switch between modes

Locking & Unlocking Dice  (Version 1.1 and Higher)

  • Dice can be locked and unlocked by tapping them individually
  • Locked dice have red dots and will not rotate
  • All locked dice can be unlocked at once by pressing the "unlock" icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen


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